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The Community Grapevine is a quarterly publication that places an emphasis on growing the connection between businesses, organizations, and the residents of a given community. Featured businesses and relevant content along with a creative “Find Gus the Grape” promotion will have the community checking out each issue from front to back. The Community Grapevine will not be tossed carelessly onto a driveway or yard, but is delivered by Direct Mail to thousands of mailboxes.

Even in this digital age, Direct Mail continues to be a powerful form of advertising that has proven to deliver results. The Community Grapevine makes it possible to reach local mailboxes for as little as a penny per address! Its attractive, full color format will grab the attention of local customers and get them in your door. Our tag line, “Growing Neighborhood Connections” promotes the concept of keeping things local, creating community awareness, supporting those who live next door, and providing opportunities to interconnect.

Photo of Customers of Community Grapevine